Tuesday, September 20

To the races!

Hey everyone! I've just found that I have to read another two novels by Friday, and write two papers by next Tuesday, on books that I also have not read (with many events in between that are not conducive to reading. So I apologize in advance; I'm going to try and keep up the excitement here at the blog, but no promises. Updates as necessary, probably not many pretty pictures.

Liz and her roommate Nikki made my friend Joseph and I dinner last night, and it was delicious. Today, my friend Joseph and I will be making them dinner.

I ate 30 cookies last night, and it was delicious. I could eat anyone under the table.


Big news: I modelled yesterday for the NYU-London brochure (got a gift certificate for it), finished 200 pages of Sense and Sensibility yesterday, Ollie's concert on wednesday, going to see a play called Harvest on thursday, Julius Caesar sometime soon at the National Theatre. Should be a total gas! Also: my roommate has been stealing food from myself and a bunch of my roommates. Developments on that as they evolve.


little sis said...

hey bro. good luck with all that reading!! you can do it - us braunsteins are all over the literature like woah. anyways i love you and miss you! talk to ya soon.
ps. make those girls some of moms award winning lasagne!

Marc Braunstein aka Dad said...

Stealing food eh? Didn't they used to cut out their tongues for that in Merry Olde?