Tuesday, October 25

0 AP (After Pizza).

I would like to say that I am pre-emptively sorry. Why? Because I am now beyond the realm of mortal food, and thus pity will be distributed liberally amongst those of you who still eat at Pizza Mercato, Dominos, Feast and Famine, or even Casserta Pizzeria. I have ascended for the toll of a trifling 1 Euro and 25 cents to a new dimension of pizza which questions the very fabric of my shoddy three dimensional existence. Yes, the Venus de Milo was good. Yes, the Duomo was sufferable. I will admit, I thought I had something with the Sistene Chapel. But tomorrow, the David will only be a kind of unhappy reminder of the Goliathian ambrosia which has passed into the annals of culinary legendary history at the back of my throat. I will probably cry in the near future.

I do not know the name of this place. I had to actually force myself to walk away. But Joseph and I have marked a location on our map. And though we will probably be dining with his friend Natalie tonight, and thus will betray ourselves, we have decided to skip breakfast tomorrow and eat two meals at this place. Then we will go to the Academia to see the David (as mentioned), and hop a train to Venice. Things are looking great, so far. Thanks for all this, mom and dad, I love you very much!

Also, I found a juggling store. Sweet.

I am considering buying jade cufflinks and a tea set for myself while in Europe. Opinions? Alternatives?


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Anonymous said...

wow, jade cuff links and tea set, huh. why not a matching apron also?