Sunday, October 30

Like Indiana Jones...but sexy.

I am thinking of buying a brown fedora here in Milan. The salesman was an old Italian man who was fixing the brim while I was trying it on. Opinions? Am I a hat man?

Also about Milan: The McDonalds' here are more dense than anywhere else in the world. At one point I was standing on a street corner and could see three with the naked eye. Whoa. Joseph had a McRoyale with cheese. He said it wasn't that great.

Venice was great! A little like Disneyland, though. I'll explain later. I dropped one of my small poetry notebooks into the Grand Canal while on a Vaporetto water bus! Glad there wasn't anything cool in there.

Also about Venice: They sell a lot of masks.

Time to go running!

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Pantea said...

Yes with the brown fedora.

Every man looks good with a brown fedora.. by far the most attractive piece of clothing ever invented.

That's interesting about McDonalds btw.. it's the exact opposite in Spain. There's about a 3:1 ratio of Burger Kings to McDonalds in this country. But I guess you'll learn that yourself eventually.


Your trip sounds amazing.. I can't wait to see pictures!