Wednesday, October 5

Great graves.

I went to Stratford upon Avon today (Just got back about an hour ago)! I went to the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of A Comedy of Errors, which was well done on most accounts, but on others I suppose there's just no escaping it: I'm annoyed by a good farce.

I did get a good lot of pictures of Stratford with a disposable camera, including a picture of good ol' Will's grave, which is in the holy trinity church. Some things to note about Stratford:
  • The geese are vicious.
  • The houses are tiny.
  • Stratford was the first town to build a bridge over the Avon river ("avon" in latin means river, so it's really just called "river river"), but there are many other Stratford Upon Avons in existence, so apparently there's this big problem with people visiting the wrong ones.
  • It's not quite as touristy as you might think, for a town which basically thrives on the fact that a famous writer used to live there.
  • There's a place called the "As You Like It" sandwich shop, and a Sheep street. Isn't that adorable?

I'm hesitant to write too much, obviously. I guess I want to be fresh when approaching it later when I actually have the visuals.

And now I must fly away back to the homework scene, which stretches on and on, like a Great Wall of Boring. Mine is almost visible from space.

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