Thursday, October 6


My camera is working! New expensive batteries were necessary. 8 dollars for four AAs. In celebration...

I call your attention to the following series of photos, taken on the 26th of September, regarding one young man's lunch.

1. The approach.

2. Before.

3. And after (The dismount). Evidence suggests that the meal was an apple, a guacamole, lettuce, and chicken breast sandwich on organic wheat bread, and a fruit, honey, and granola bar for dessert. The financial morticians have resolved that aforementioned meal cost approximately six dollars. Not bad, eh? Thanks for the advice, dad. Finally took it.

Remember that banana bread I told you about? The batch that I made from scratch with help from Liz, that I was super proud of? Well, I have a picture of the last peice of it, and it looks a little like...not delicious. But it was, and as you can see if you want, other people thought so too. Here's the picture, from 30 minutes after I took it out of the oven.


A surveillance kitty (In an alley).
Friends walking.
A purple house. Adorable?
These places exist, it's not just on TV. Don't you want to live here?
A church of gothic proportions.
A fountain of not-centered in the frame proportions, but pretty anyway. This was about the moment my camera went on strike.

Some notes!
  1. I love my grandparents! They sent me candy! Thanks, guys! I couldn't have written a paper last night without those swedish fish.
  2. Straton upon Avon pictures soon! (Have to get them developed).
  3. Brighton pictures of me in the ocean soon!
  4. Going to a soup kitchen to volunteer next friday. Training for working in a London elementary school on wednesday.
  5. Rock climbing sunday?
  6. Visiting Ollie this weekend?

Current music: "Mongrel..." by DJ Shadow.

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