Saturday, March 12

Let's get pick(let)y.

Hey, kids. My picture for the day is a page of Stewart Haines' Picklet Comic Jam. Here 'tis. If you're not hip to this yet, Stewart created an app for the iphone that allows you to create rockin' popup books in photoshop, and they animate and stuff. If you're interested in doing a page (you can do whatever you want, provided you follow the script), check out his website,, or just check the dummy pages he's made up for all 15 pages of the comic. It's sort of a Scott McCloudian style thing. Very cool. Here are the pages. But you can't do page 3, because I already did that one. So there.

Story Grid Player update: I'm still working on improving my story grid player. Right now my main goals are to implement a sort of banjo playing element when you switch the pictures, and to put in detection for when the edge of the story grid has been reached, so it can remind the player with blinking arrows what directions they can go in...

Also, let's talk about two pixel-style game makers I totally idolatize. Or rather, let's not talk about them. Look at this video, and then go to the Polytron website, and the Pixeljam site. Chris Barker, I take back what I said about not feeling confident about using low-res graphics to get the school kiddies' attentions. I probably just need to get hip.

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