Thursday, March 10

A word on debugging.

So, word was going around that debugging took up less than 95% of your time when you program. I assure you, IT DOES. I have gone back into the amazonian jungle of programming oh behalf of all of us the last few days to try and figure out if that was correct or not. I assure you, do not go there. It is a dangerous place where there is no sleep. I've got this flash thing now, though, a kind of storyboard navigator which tells you a story at random. I have dubbed it, presumptiously, TELETALE. Here's the link to the 9.9 meg file:

TELETALE .SWF FILE DOWNLOAD (You need a flash player to play this.)

(the automatic story generation function doesn't work yet). Let me know what you think! My plans for the future of this project are just to get more of the features up and working, and to get rid of the music--instead I'd like a different fretted banjo string to play every time you move from one frame of the story to the next, so you end up playing a little song, or can play this program like an instrrument. I'll repost when I get it all working. This project has been sort of been a re-boot camp for my actionscript knowledge.


PS: Have you seen this? It's amazing.

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