Monday, March 21

Opposed to the typical.

So, I had a rather interesting discussion today with a lecturer in my program about the role of pixel artwork in my future projects. I know I have an affinity for this stuff, and I also know that I'm not really that adept at it. This brings up an interesting problem. Should I pursue the style I love even though it seems to have no appeal to my potential audience (kids who grew up on 3d and sun-flares with all kinds of fancy rendering effects)? Should I forget about kids for now, and reach for the professional level of craftspersonship in pixel art I've come to expect from playing games like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World or Fez? And if these are the professional quality projects, then why are Cave Story and Streemerz also so popular (we're spreaking relatively here...I ain't in no pop culture, consarnit...)? The answer can only be that the gameplay and mechanics have just as much importance as aesthetics when it comes to judging an interactive media experience. Anywho, Chris, my lecturer encouraged me to work in Unity to create a 3D version of the game I'm collaborating with Lahta on. I'll talk about this with her asap. I think it's probably a good direction to go in, since it means I'll be expanding my repertoire. But what of the fine tuning of the art skills? I suppose this isn't the place to refine them?

In other news, above is my picture for the day, and here is a link to the
COLLABORATIVE BLOG for the AIM program. We just found out today that we have a huge collaborative art space to fill in a few weeks, and I think that by the time we get started even thinking about making this business, we should have a wealth of ideas about what we're going to do. If you are an elevenser (as Kate calls us) and you haven't been emailed permissions to edit that blog, please let me know, and I'll send you another invite. Simon out.

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