Monday, March 27

Authors without texts, texts without authors.

More Pictures! Pantea's dance was really cool, and I'm honored to know her. That's her on the left, there.

Hypothesis: This week will go well.

Materials: Lots of homework, no computer to synchronize the pictures, writing, and music I will take, not much time, a little rock climbing, a little job seeking, a little cooking. A refusal to apologize for who I have been lately, because I am proud of what I accomplish and don't accomplish. I am still young, although it is probably dangerous to acknowledge that.


Sunday: Yesterday: Spent all day skipping the universe with Molly. Gathered raw imaginational resources. Processing . . . . . . . . . .

Monday: Today. Homework, dropping off sleeping bag, homework, getting myself back in alignment. Take charge of my life.

Tuesday: Classes, Homework, rock climbing with Molly, possible hang out with Pantea for birthday. Rock climbing with Molly? (!)

Wednesday: Class, homework, therapy, occupational stuff, work on post-modernity style paper.

Thursday: Class, homework, good times because class is over. Work.

Friday: Work, wine and good times.

Saturday: Too far away to think about. Start Katherine's birthday present?


Disconnection is difficult to live on top of, but sometimes it is more solid than the truth. Also, I like to sum things up.

Lately I listen a lot to a mix CD given to me by someone I don't know, mixed by someone I've never met. I don't know who the bands are, and I don't know what the songs are called. I like track 6 for happy times, track 3 for times when I'm feeling romantically disconnected, and track 7 for when I'm walking. Of course, my computer still won't be fixed for 10 days, so I can't actually listen to any of it for quite a while except in my head. But you know how it goes!

Uber-conclusion: I know how to be me. I think I'm going to do that a little more often, and things will probably go well as hell. No poetry lately, I think, because I haven't been myself as much.

Photo Safari coming! Alex visits new York! We went horse back riding!

Also: James Keene is amazing and from space. Me in the midst of academic troubles.

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