Monday, March 27

I wrote this quickly, so it's probably honest.

I'd like to read this out loud to someone:


something is placed,
so something else
must be unplaced.
Simple like water,
but comes
in so many styles
of quick flood
it's hard to say
who you have been.

I say,
I have been the man behind the register,
I have been myself (in line
I have been the woman
complaining about Dell's cracker ass
manufacturer's warrantees
I have been your cup of coffee, that banana, my high school principal, Smokey the Bear,
someone's steel-tipped boot,
and someone's left
breast, with the nipple
of someone else entirely.
I have been men and women
in bed
minus a mind,
so this morning
I did not worry, that
you claim to have been
in love. I have been
many people
who were
in love.


Anonymous said...

sorry man but the poem sucks ass.
good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this poem

and you.

yo momma