Tuesday, March 21

Call me Action Jackson!

This thursday, at 6 PM: High tea in BRITtney Dorm (appropriate, eh?). I'm hosting, there will be British cookies, my sister, and increditimes.

Yesterday, at the bottom of a saltines box (a big one with the four plastic columns of crackers) I found a 1979 silver dollar. I didn't touch it, though. I put the box back on the shelf, and called my dad about my problems. It was a great idea.

Academic amputation feels weaksauce, but sometimes is good for me in small doses, if my goal is to find balance/inspiration/fear. Reading is good for me, in times of stress. Underlining with a pen in a book is good for me.

I played the first five minutes of the SNES game Chrono Trigger yesterday, enjoyed that, found it calming. I think all my favorite video games play out like the quests you used to go on with your friends when you were little. Everything seems animated by a healthy, young sense of your world being this absolutely gigantic but ultimately conquerable place. Optimism, anyone?

When I was smaller and living in Massachusetts, there was a gigantic fallen tree in the woods off the end of the driveway. I used to make beleive when I was climbing on it that it was a strange futuristic boat, and that being on it was the only thing that mattered. I think I'm getting a little of my ability to feel that back.

I came this close to writing a blues song yesterday. I may come this close today. Who knew?

Katherine, this comic was made to be talked about by us, in all its glory. Family, think of the phrase mmmm....buddaw...and you'll understand why.

Mood: Building.

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