Friday, March 17

Camera keeps blinking (Staring at the teeth of the University dragon).

The library of the school we worked on yesterday, pre-cleanup:

The power cut out last night before I could finish uploading, but being the smart person I was I published before it was all here are another 50 pictures or so. Also, my Photobucket account went over, so I've started another for the remaining N.O. pictures. Here. Cheers!

Also, here's something I found from a while back: A list of the funny costume descriptions given in manufacturer's magazines that I was keeping while I worked at Future Memories. Some of these are priceless...I had to fix all of them and make them saleable, unfortunately.

  • Costume includes a jacket with attached belt, pants, and a dickey.
  • The Power Ranger glove accessory will stretch to fill any child.
  • In the Child Emperor of Evil Costume your child can the next leader of their own evil empire! Costume includes: Robe, Chest Drape, Hooded Cape, Belt, Medallion and Mask. Sizes 4-6.

  • In the adult deluxe werewolf mask people will know that you are one bad dog and an even worse wolf! This is one mean wolf! This is a full over the head latex mask with lots of hair attached.

  • In the Adult Cain the Vampire Tyrant Vampire Costume be the evil undead dictator! Costume includes: Long Jacket with shoulder capelet, velvet trim vest with dickey, brooch and vinyl gauntlet. Teen size 32-36.

  • In the Child Dark Vixen Gothic Costume your child can learn the ways of follwing the dark side! Costume icludes: Gothic style velvet hooded dress with draping sleeves. Sizes 8-10.

  • $This $$giant thrashing demon haunted house prop$$$ is an astounding sculpture of incredible detail and unbelievable scale! Its entire 13 foot tall body thrashes back and forth swinging its arms, snapping its head, and lunging at your guests. Your patrons have never seen anything like this! This piece generates incredible word of mouth and is an unbelievable marketing tool to the local media for guaranteed exposure. Animated version includes steel stand, pneumatic package, computer controller and footpad.$$$$
    $The $$goblin haunted house prop$$$ is actually reaching out for you! It is a foam filled latex prop reaching out as if to take your very SOUL! It is 40 inches tall and 36 inches wide.$$$$
  • PAGE 2287
    Adult Sexy Black Halter Dress Costume
    Halter-style nylon dress, very provocative, flair skirt for plenty of sex appeal
    $ 9.00

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Anonymous said...

These accounts and photos give me a sense of what happened to N.O. like few others I've seen. I feel both pessimistic (for my generation of so-called 'leaders' who abandoned these people in time of greatest need) -- and optimistic (when I see a generation that is willing to do the hard work with so much spirit and enthusiasm). Also, some girls actually look good in HazMat suits. XXXOOO. Dad B.