Friday, March 17

It's stronger in my head.

I'm not arrested, and I had a great time! More photos here, in the up to March 16th folder on my photobucket account (over 70, amazing what I got to see today), and lots of stories to tell. There aer some pictures from the house we gutted, my adventures in NO proper (trying to find the doctors my cousin told me were missing), along with mother's and food that I ate (YES, I ATE ALL OF THAT). There's only a little overlap because Id idn't want to miss uploading anything. As I said, lots of stories. Here's one:


Only think
what the library
looked like
the day after, that soggy sea
that tomb/tome of learning
those papers/trash that
had become trash/trash and
the ceiling was so tall
you could imagine students
like scared frogs
bouncing over a dirty pond,
the bottom of which
they used to know.

Nasty carpet of books, now.

Here, pages are
without destruction.
Here, dark mold
paints the pink
of the wall
and community
is drowned.

I throw the
librarian's chair
over children's
on the street.

These book shelves are
heavier than
they look.

Take off the goddamn door,
I don't care
what the hinges
look like, how bad
they rusted.

Working man's obese sexist haiku:

In the sun, only man I love more
than the creator of the crowbar
is he who invented lunch

Fun Fact! The governor of RI is named Lincoln Almond. Is that funny? If so, why? I feel like I need one of those commercials where they call the people to ask if it's funny or not. Yeah. Let me know.

It's easy for me to enjoy my pictures because I'm an english major who likes poetry and is in the poetry class that I'm in--everything has artistic value, everything can be stared at. Do you find that about pictures?

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You should write about the cool moose members you met.